Our Residents


QueenieQueenie is a male Rose-Breasted Cockatoo who was hatched around 1992, which makes him 19 years old.  He was owned by a man who loved him very much, but his job kept him away from home too much and he knew Queenie wasn’t getting the attention he needed.  He’s been with us for about 8 years now.
Queenie is a fantastic education bird.  He loves to go to events with us and meet new people.  His beautiful coloring and gentle behaviormakes people who would normally be afraid of birds want to talk to him and learn about the plight of captive parrots.  He especially loves senior citizens and it’s so much fun to see their faces light up when Queenie shows interest in them.  He is definitely a shining star for CARE.

Sasha & Kellie

SashaKellieSasha, a Mitred Conure, and Kellie, a White-Eyed Conure, are males in their late 20s.  They are very bonded to each other and have been living together since 2005.  They are not handleable, though they do love to interact with their favorite humans.  They eagerly wait for a new soda box to be thrown in their cage so they can attack it with abandon and play hide and seek with the volunteers.
In 2001, Sasha had been taken to MADACC(Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control) to be euthanized; they convinced his owner to surrender him to us.  He was extremely malnourished with bruised skin and poor-quality feathers (the few that he had). His owner brought him in in a TINY 12”x9”x12” cage.  Naturally, we assumed this was a travel cage, but his owner answered that this was his normal cage—for almost 20 years.
Kellie had a nice early life, for a captive bird.  He was a very loved bird who ate dinner with his owner and was hardly ever in his cage.  Then his owner died.  His wife was afraid of Kellie, so she shut him up in a cage for eight years.  How confusing this must have been for Kellie, after years of happiness and interaction.  Finally, she surrendered him to us.
Sasha had lost his previous mate around the time that Kellie was surrendered.  These two Aratinga Conures hit it off almost immediately and are madly in love with each other.  They have a home with us for the rest of their lives.  Soda boxes are their favorite toys and they get so excited when you give them a new one.