Our Wish List

As always, we need volunteers for feeding and cleaning! If you are interested in donating at least 5 hours of your time a month, please contact Mary at maryatcare@gmail.com

Handyman Volunteer: we need help with maintenance projects around the Center.We are also in DESPERATE NEED OF A WOOD CUTTER AND DRILLER to enable us to keep making toys. If you have about 5 hours a month preferably on weekends, please contact Mary at maryatcare@gmail.com

  • Suede lacing for toy making (found at Michaels) 1/8″, beige or medium brown only
  • Parrot sized cages in good condition
  • 1/2′ or 3/4′ Plexiglass (10 – 4’x8′ panels)
  • First Class postage stamps
  • Hefty 39-gallon garbage bags
  • Tall kitchen garbage bags
  • Gloves for cleaning, doing dishes, etc.
  • Large Rubbermaid or equivalent containers
  • 1 & 3 cc syringes, vet wrap, 2×2’s, 4×4’s,
  • Zupreem or Lafeber pellets – all sizes
  • Honey Nut Cheerios, or generic
  • Paper towels, kleenex, toilet paper
  • Laundry detergent that is free and clear of dyes and smells
  • No. 10 Grip-Seal Security Envelopes
  • Printer Paper
  • Gasoline cards
  • hp Officejet ink cartridges 950 (black ink) and 951 (yellow, cyan, and magenta ink)
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Mixed nuts, unsalted and in shell
  • Ground walnuts (in the bakers section of your local grocery store)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables (no avacados)
  • 100% fleece fabric
  • Gift cards for WE Energy to help defray cost of gas and electric bills
  • Gift cards for Michaels, Piggly Wiggly, Pick n’ Save, Wal-Mart, Menards, Home Depot, Sendiks, Woodmans
  • Cash donations towards any of these items or toward medical expenses are greatly appreciated as well!

Donations to the Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education are tax deductible, as we are a non-profit organization.

Our address is:
720 N. Bartow
Waukesha, WI 53186