Adoption Application.

CARE Adoption Policies

Most of the birds, dogs and animals (adoptees)  that come to us have been in multiple homes. Many of them come to us with physical, nutritional, behavioral and sometimes even mental problems. In these cases, we are looking for experienced owners who are equipped to handle these issues. Our adoption policies are:

    We reserve the right to refuse ANY adoption.
    All adoptions are final – NO REFUNDS. Payment is due in full at time of adoption – NO EXCEPTIONS. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
    If the adoptee you apply for is not appropriate for your environment, we may re-direct you to a more suitable choice at our discretion.

Adopting a new family member is a lifetime commitment!

Bird Health Disclaimer

C.A.R.E. has birds surrendered to us from throughout the Midwest. Oftentimes we receive little, if any, information regarding these birds, and that includes medical information. Besides birds being surrendered from private homes, we receive birds from animal control agencies, humane societies, other rescues and similar organizations. Many people who surrender their birds to us have not had their birds seen by an avian veterinarian because “they never looked sick”.

All birds that are put up for adoption have had an intake exam, either performed or supervised by a Certified Veterinary Technician/Certified Avian Specialist, at the time of their arrival. Their diets, droppings, and social interaction are checked visually every day, to look for any overt signs of illness or stress. If we suspect any problems at all, veterinary care is obtained.

If the birds have been vet checked, those records will be faxed to your veterinarian. We strongly recommend having any birds adopted examined by an avian veterinarian at your earliest convenience, especially if you have other birds in your home.

Although we do our best to make sure our birds are healthy and happy, we cannot guarantee the health of the bird(s) you adopt.

Procedures for adopting large birds or special needs animals:

    Applicants must have appropriate experience, to be determined at our discretion.
    Adoption application must be completed either online or in person.
    You must provide proof of a well-bird visit by a veterinarian within the prior 12 months for all birds already owned.
    An appropriate veterinarian reference is required.
    CARE has the option to do an in-home inspection prior to- or post-adoption to confirm that the environment, cage/crate , food, toys, exercise areas, etc. are appropriate.
    There will likely be a 24-hour waiting period before taking adoptee(s) home.

Procedures for adopting small birds and animals:

    Adoption Application must be completed either online or in person.
    We recommend your resident pets be vet checked annually. Potential adopters who have their pets vet checked annually will be given preference.
    For birds you must bring the cage that the adopted bird will be living in with you,  so that we may determine if it is the appropriate size and bar spacing and if the perches, toys, etc. are appropriate.
    There may be a 24-hour waiting period before taking adoptee(s) home.

Statement of understanding:

    I am fully aware that I will be adopting a living creature and as such CARE is unable to guarantee the health of the adoptee. if the adoptee becomes ill or gets injured I certify that I am financially and emotionally prepared to treat my new pet at my own expense.

I have read and understand CARE's Adoption Policies. sign here:

Date signed

Center for Animal Rehabilitation & Education

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It is our goal to place each adoptee in the most suitable environment. If the adoptee you apply for is not appropriate for your home environment and/or level of expertise, you will be directed to a more appropriate option.

fields below with an (*) are required for successful processing of your application!

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Why do you want the adoptee or type of adoptee specified above?
If this is a special needs adoptee please describe your experience with a special needs pet.

There will be a period of adjustment when your new pet comes to live with you. e.g. Dogs may have accidents, Birds may scream. How will you handle this and how will you prepare your home?

Where will your new pet stay/be cared for while you are out of town?

Pets you currently own.

Include name, species, breed, age, gender, if sterilized and date of last vet visit (current vaccinations if applicable). If none, enter "none"

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Include breed, gender, how long you had each one, why you no longer have each one.

Please contact your veterinarian(s) and give them permission to discuss your pets with us (CARE). We will attempt to contact your veterinarian(s) two times over the next three business days. If they are unable to discuss your pets with us on the second call, this application will be discarded.

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I certify that I am over the age of 18 and the information I have given is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation made on this application may result in my loss of privilege to adopt from CARE. I further acknowledge that CARE makes no warranty as to age, health, breed, habits and/or disposition of birds and animals, and I completely and fully release CARE from any liability for any injury or damage any bird or animal may inflict upon any person (including children) while handling a bird or animal at our facility, or in your home.